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Multiple Select Refinement Panel Web Part

Problem Statement

Out of the box Refinement Panel we part does not allow users to select multiple refiners either from the same category or from different metadata categories.

Software Required

  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • FAST Search for SharePoint


Multiple Select Refinement Panel web part is developed by extending the out of the box Refinement Panel. It is built over a TreeView control with all the nodes enabled with checkboxes. JavaScript/JQuery has been used for enhancing the user experience.

Steps to deploy this solution

  1. Download the solution package Microsoft.Services.SP.WebParts.MultipleSelectRefinementPanel.wsp uploaded along with the deployment document in MS Engage.
  2. Copy the solution package Microsoft.Services.SP.WebParts.MultipleSelectRefinementPanel.wsp to a local folder on the SharePoint server.

Solution Deployment

  1. Open a SharePoint 2010 Management Shell using the Run as Administrator option.
  2. Run the following cmdlet to add the farm solution;

      Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath "<<Physical Path>>"

    • Where "<<Physical Path>>" specifies the path to the solution package.
    • Note: The type must be a valid path in either of the following forms:

  3. Run the next cmdlet to deploy the farm solution:

      Install-SPSolution –Identity Microsoft.Services.SP.WebParts.MultipleSelectRefinementPanel.wsp –GACDeployment –WebApplication "<<Web Application URL>>" –Force

    • Where <<Web Application URL>>” specifies a valid URL of SharePoint Web application.

  4. Run the next cmdlet to install the feature;

      Install-SPFeature –Path "Microsoft.Services.SP.WebParts_MultipleSelectRefinementPanel" –Force

  5. Run the next cmdlet to activate feature at the given scope (in this case, the site collection);

      Enabled-SPFeature –Identity "814789a4-6016-4ba1-8795-4269098eba03" –Url "<<Site Collection URL>>" –Force

    • Where "<<Site Collection URL>>" specifies a valid URL of SharePoint site collection.

Configure Multiple Select Refinement Panel Web Part

  1. In the Search Center, navigate to the Search Results page.
  2. On the Search Results page, click the Site Actions menu, and then click Edit Page (The Search Results page opens in Edit mode).
  3. On the Left Zone, delete the out of the box Refinement Panel web part.
  4. Click on the link Add a Web Part.
  5. In the Categories list, click Custom. In the Web Parts box, click Multiple Select Refinement Panel.
  6. In the About the Web Part box at the top of the page, click Add. The web part is added to the Left Zone in the web part page.
  7. The rest of the steps are optional and used to configure the property Collapse Unselected Categories, if required.
  8. In the Multiple Select Refinement Panel Web Part, click the edit arrow to display the Web Part menu, and then click Edit Web Part (This opens the Web Part tool pane).
  9. In the Miscellaneous section, check the Collapse Unselected Categories check box;

    Collapse Unselected Categories

    Note: Setting this configuration collapses all the metadata categories where none of the refiners are selected by the user for refining the search results.

  10. After making the desired changes to the property value, click OK to close the tool pane


  • Collapse Unselected Categories not enabled

  • Collapse Unselected Categories enabled

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